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Alfacar - Cartonagem Lda was founded in 1987. Our company borned determined to specialize in creative packaging. The team, built by highly focused professionals, work to produce the best and most innovative packages solutions, therefore our customers products and brands set the difference in business market.

With a know-how of over 25 years and experience into national and international markets, we decided to make a difference. We are always attentive to the industry sectors and its demands. About this way, we can always provide unique solutions. Long the way we had the opportunity to improve production techniques and purchase advanced technology, to create the distinctive and high quality packages that your brand/product deserves.

Our primary objective is ensure our position as a leader company in unique and exclusive production of packages. We aim to be your perfect partner, offering efficient, innovative and prestigious solutions to whom trust us with the image of their products.

We seek for customer’s satisfaction through excellent service, which allow us to respond to every order with the best quality and prices, in the quickest time possible.

Innovation, quality, precision, trust and respect are our values.

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