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Artur Pinho

Product Men - Women
Segment Luxury - High
Use Sporty - Urban - Orthopedic - Classic - Young Fashion - Ceremony - Golf - Horse riding - Militar - Outdoor
Type Booties - Boots - Mocassins - High heel - Shoes

Artur Pinho, the son of shoemakers, started to help the masters making the shoes as a child.

He learnt the art and respect for the job, dealing with how to handle the leather or the accuracy demanded by manual operations to obtain high quality patterns.

The taste for the job emerged from proudly seeing each pair of shoes being produced with his own hands.

The best leather is carefully selected and examined through a slow alchemy of the hand on the leather and then cut perfectly.

Artur Pinho Artur Pinho

All these careful procedures are in the productÂ’s origin and ensure it will have a long life.

Every day, in every process, there is a strong quality control, performed by experts, resulting in a product of excellence.

The company grew and different brands were created to answer to the several segments of the market.

Today, the company is in its second generation, always privileging tradition and the long path undertaken in the past, preserving techniques that allow to maintain high quality standards, combined with a progressive finishing work and a reinterpretation of traditional shapes and designs, resulting in a classic-contemporary shoe that meets the clientsÂ’ modern demands.

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