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Cool Gray

Product Men - Women
Segment Medium
Use College Uniform - Urban
Type Boat Shoes - Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - Ballet flats - High heel - Shoes

Cool Gray was founded in 1999, as an industrial company, in one of the most important European footwear clusters: the São João da Madeira area in Portugal. Initially specialized in producing ladies leather shoes for the Iberian market, Cool Gray acquired a deep understanding, not only of manufacturing, but also of product development, procurement, marketing and international commercial activities, always with a special focus in medium-high quality leather comfort shoe.

Proud of its Portuguese origins, Cool Gray is a European company, operating in the global footwear & accessories markets

As a result of the consolidation of Cool Gray’s project, during the year of 2011 the brands “Aerobics – Premium Comfort” and “Bella B – City Soft Wear” were introduced in the international market.
Cool Gray started in 2012 a very ambitious 3-year investment plan, with a relevant investment in state-of-the-art machinery, adding flexibility to Cool Gray’s production and quality to the final product. This investment plan also comprised also a much needed enlargement of production plant, increasing production capacity by more than 30%.
This process was completed by the end of 2015, with the inauguration of a new warehouse and offices building.

THE PRESENT Proud of its Portuguese origins, Cool Gray is a European company, operating in the global footwear & accessories markets. Managing a daily production capacity of over 1000 pairs of leather shoes, Cool Gray is based today in its own facilities, (over 4.000m2), producing and exporting its branded shoes to more than 30 countries worldwide, having as some of its main markets South Africa, UK, USA, Belgium, Spain, Kuwait, Australia, Greece, Canada, Italy, Russia,  and France.

Cool Gray will keep on translating all its teams’ efforts and actions into consistent products, with charisma and extraordinary marketability, delivering the highest possible value to its commercial partners around the world. The rigorous management of key operational aspects (product development, production and commercial activities) is seen as distinctive and essential characteristic of Cool Gray.
The “Proudly Made in Portugal” signature will be a fundamental part of Cool Gray’s future, as it is valued as a very relevant strategic advantage.
A strong European social consciousness will keep being the common denominator of all the companies’ activities for the years to come.

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