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Fernanda Oliveira II

Construction Type Stitch and Turn - Side Stitch - Cemented
Product Women
Segment Luxury - High - Medium
Use Casual - Sporty - Urban - Classic - Ceremony - Outdoor - Medical
Type Boat Shoes - Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - Home Shoes - Ballet flats - High heel - Shoes - Diabetics - Costumized - Sneakers - Confort - Ecological - Cork aglomerate sole - Cork soles - Molded Rubber Soles - Molded Solder TR - Hell counter - Leather lasting insole - Moulds - Molded PU Soles - heel lifts - Leather linings - Synthetic linings - Synthetic sock lining - Uppers - Cork Wedges/Cork aglomerate wedges - Plastic heels - Wood Wedges - Wooden sole - Molded Solder EVA - Leather welt - Rubber welt - Toe puff - Zip - Vegan - Oxford - Knitted - Loafer - Slippers - Mule - Clog - Stilleto - Comfort - Slides - Flip-flops

The idea of manufacturing shoes was born based on a passion for footwear and the cobbler art itself. Having quality as a mandatory principle, the business started small – with only a handful of hard-working collaborators. After a few years the need for reaching additional markets was felt, as the consistent growing of international requests was too big to be ignored. So, in 1994 “Fernanda Oliveira” was founded and a small group of people got together to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately – a contribution to society.

From initial sketches and prototype developments to stitching and finishing – everything is manufactured in-house!

Fernanda Oliveira II Fernanda Oliveira II Fernanda Oliveira II

Our core purpose is to be a state-of-the-art company providing reference services, based on a rigorous professional competence that contributes to the well-being of the communities with which it relates.

Our integrity policy is a guideline to promote a respectful, safe and ethical conduct. We demand honesty and transparency in our business relations, treating all people with dignity while treasuring the collective power of teamwork. It is our aim to provide to the world quality footwear at a fair price, under honest labor conditions, while implementing solutions to the environmental crisis.

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