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Product Women - Children - Unisex
Segment High
Use Casual - College Uniform - Sporty - Orthopedic
Type Boat Shoes - Boots - Sandals - Confort

With more than 60 years in business, Netos Shoe Factory is driven by tradition, by family values and commitment. The shoe company Netos, founded in 1957, born from the ambition of two brothers: Augusto e Domingos Neto.

The introduction of technology, good facilities and equipment as well as a continuous routine of attending international fairs, gave Netos a sustainable and strong market growth.

Netos Netos Netos

Driven by their experience in the shoe industry, they decided to take the risk of creating their own company. After sixty years, Netos keeps its initial values: quality, commitment and family.

Initially, their production was mainly centered in the manufacturing of Pratik children shoes through their own label “Neto”. In 1968, Netos widened their production to the former Portuguese colonies – Angola and Mozambique – where they gained great notoriety. When Portugal joined the E.U., during the eighties, the ambition of these two brothers went further ahead and Netos’ shoes entered new markets expanding their production to both man and woman shoes while gaining great success among comfort footwear.

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