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Product Men - Unisex
Use Casual - Urban - Security - Golf - Horse riding - Militar - Non-slip - Biker - Western-Cowboy
Type Booties - Boots - Alpergatas - Vegan


The Trofal produces shoes in the Goodyear stitched keeping a tradition since 1903 as the custom manufacturing, where most operations are done by hand by skilled craftsmen.

Use the best materials and care products use natural, recycled and biodegradable natural sewn with yarn, instead of the chrome tanned leather and glue solvents normally used in industry.

The Trofal was in 1995 the first company in the footwear industry in Portugal with the certification implemented, is certified according to ISO9001 standard, striving for continuous improvement in each of its processes. The Goodyear footwear made in Trofal involves more than 180 different operations and can take up to 6 weeks to manufacture, the versatility of this manufacture system make possible to meet the most basic needs of the user type, satisfying all there needs while respecting the trends fashion.

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