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Vasconcelos & Co.

Type - Belts & Braces - Small Leather Goods - Travel articles - Gloves

Our history begins in 1961, in S. João da Madeira, a city in the North of Portugal, which has been characterized internationally by the art of headgear and leather goods for several generations.

The passion in making leather articles comes from our generational experience and the preservation of our proximity to our artisans. We believe that, in order to create exquisite and unique products, we must value our employees, thus ensuring that our products are consistent in terms of quality, durability and soul.

Vasconcelos & Co. Vasconcelos & Co.

Our birth is marked by the architecture of leather belts hand crafted out of cow and calf leather. As we exceled in the manufacturing of hand-made leather belts, we broaden our product lines to kid´s school bags, men´s travel bags, wallets, hats and even women´s purses and accessories.

Our craft and passion of assembling leather goods derives from two generations of experience and through preserving a loving relationship with our employees, particularly the production family. We believe that to cultivate our exquisite, polished and unique goods, we need to cherish our employees by demonstrating our appreciation for their hard work. Our company culture encompasses assuring our members needs are attained consistently. This insures that our products sustain consistency in their quality, durability and soul. Our growing infatuation in producing leather goods chaperoned the desire to share our artistry with the world. We started to collaborate with private-labels from all over the world, producing for leading designers contributed to our unceasing education in production practices and in our global appreciation.

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