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Let’s be clear: 2020 has been a pretty challenging year. Getting through it was a huge task.But like many say, the secret is to never give up.

And that’s exactly what we did.Even in the darkest of times, the Portuguese Footwear Industry kept on going

After all that happened, we never stopped delivering high quality, beautifully crafted shoes all over the World, and without forgetting our values.We will always be open for business, delivering flexible solutions, just in time! That’s why our industry keeps on growing and nothing is going to stop us.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and being uncertainty the worst enemy for business management, the ability to respond flexibly to the market’s demands will be crucial.

Flexibility and quick response

Quick response, namely to small orders, is an important business card of the Portuguese footwear companies.

Word. Word of honour.


Portuguese footwear companies are internationally known for delivering solutions.Respecting commitments is one of our country’s greatest abilities.

Business Rebiality

Portuguese footwear industry exports more than 95% of its production to 163 countries, in five continents. Business reliability is decisive for maintaining the activity.

At a time when the topic of sustainability is a top priority in the international agenda, the Portuguese footwear companies are able to ensure an integrated response, based on local production of excellence.

Local Production

In Portugal, there are more than 1.300 footwear companies responsible for almost 40.000 employees.Portugal is not only a reliable partner but also complies with all international standards.

If the footwear and leather goods companies are very much capable of standing out internationally, the same can be said of all other sectors of the industry.

Cluster: There is a footwear cluster in Portugal, located mainly in the north, within a radius of 50km from Porto, the second-largest city in the country.

From components to tanneries, there are companies of excellence, able to ensure an integrated response, allowing Portugal to become a distinguished player in foreign markets.