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New Generation: Patrícia Henriques

News - 05 Feb 2020

Stories New Generation: Patrícia Henriques

Meet the woman behind the brand Patrícia Henriques

How did this project emerge?
I reached a point where the job I had wasn’t compatible with desire of expanding the family. Or I was living in other countries with my husband still in Portugal or I’d spend all my time travelling.
When returning to Portugal, I found a much less diversified and exciting reality, which left me at an impasse and I felt my career was receding. That was the main sign that I needed to reinvent myself. I wanted a project that allowed me to create, innovate and interact with different people, which is very important to me professionally. Therefore, I decided to pursue my dreams.

Was the footwear sector a natural choice?
I felt I need to do more than just providing services and start supplying a product. In this context, footwear was a natural choice because I’ve always been passionate about shoes.
Regarding everything else, it was not natural at all, since I had no connection to the sector, design training or ecommerce experience. As I always worked with project management, I ended up doing what I do in any consultancy project, which is identify and ally myself to the experts from the different fields and that allowed me to increasingly grow and refine what is my brand’s essence.

How do you think the sector has been evolving?
I’ve been a bit disconnected from the sector’s initiatives because I’m still balancing this project with other business activities. But I feel the boom of national brands has been extraordinary and I feel a profound sense of pride in seeing so many Portuguese taking a risk in this sector.
I believe when the product is good, it speaks for itself and its potential is exceptional.

How does the brand distinguish itself?
In the beginning the brand had more classical outlook, however, at this stage, we’re investing in a different product. I introduced, by the end of 2018, the concept “gender”, together with Pedro Crisprim, with models from 36 to 46, mainly ankle boots with heels until 6cm.
I loves the concept and I really wanted to explore different things, which lead to an open door to an international client who new a lot about the products, the leathers, the production details and, above all, is very interactive. This offer  has become a differentiator factor.
Moreover, the brand distinguishes itself for exclusivity. We don’t produce hundreds of pairs from each model, I want it to be a very exclusive product, in which I can have a close interaction with the clients. That’s where we’re look to stand out, in that interaction with the clients, the involvement in the models elaboration. A high quality product with an impeccable customer service.

What are the future plans for the brand?
Continue the work I started in 2018, consolidate the supply in that segment, strengthen the proximity to the client and improve the digital channels.

What piece of advice would you give to those who are entering the industry?
For those who want to create their own brands, my advice is to prepare yourselves well, look for trustworthy partners, seek help when you feel lost or doubtful and, above all, be genuine. Don’t neglect financial knowledge and invest in training, formal or through mentoring or other more on-the-job formats.
The beginning is always hard but when you’re surrounded by great partners, obstacles are overcome with effort and dedication.