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New Generation: Carolina Neves

News - 26 Mar 2020

Stories New Generation: Carolina Neves

With a background in architecture, Carolina has always designed pieces for herself. When requests from friends and family started to increase, she decided to create Pallas.

How did this project emerge?
Pallas started with me designing pieces for myself and my friends making requests. I even was approached on the streets and in stores, with people asking me where I bought my shoes. As I have a background in architecture, I always designed and made pieces in order to identify and solve needs. And that’s exactly on how the brand started.

Was the footwear sector a natural choice?
At first, I designed purses and other accessories but, meanwhile, I realized I was already designing shoes. Portugal is one of the best footwear industries worldwide, which makes this sector very attractive.
I also knew several prestigious brands were producing their footwear in Portugal. In the beginning of brand, shoes complemented the purses’ collection but currently, it is the other way around.

How does Pallas distinguish itself?
Pallas distinguishes itself by being a personal brand, where all the pieces are designed by me. Besides, every model is produced with high quality materials. I try to innovate in each collection and meet our clients’ taste and inputs.
I’m really satisfied when I see that our clients pay attention to us while we’re growing and continue looking for the news we launch.

What are the future plans for the brand? What can we expect?
Pallas will continue being a brand that pays attention to details. We want to solidify our path both national and internationally. We want to invest in exports.

What piece of advice would you give to a youngster who is entering the industry?
You create the path by walking through it. Do not give up on your dreams but, at the same time, have your feet on the ground, so you can grow sustainably. Value what it’s made in Portugal, by extremely talented people. Support the industry and other national brand on a reciprocal basis.