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Construction Type Stitch and Turn - Strobel - Blake - Goodyear Welted - Blake Rapid - Side Stitch - Cemented
Product Men - Women
Segment High - Medium
Use Casual - College Uniform - Sporty - Urban
Type Boat Shoes - Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Sandals - Home Shoes - Ballet flats - High heel - Shoes - Sneakers - Oxford - Loafer

Campobello Shoes launched in the year 2010, a brand born from an international company founded in 1999. Campobello’s collections consist of not only timeless, but also fashion-forward designs fitting for both smart and casual attire bringing a modern luxurious edge by unparalleled craftsmanship.

In 2014, Campobello launched their first women’s collection with the same principles of quality and style as the men’s collections. The perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity allows our shoes to keep up with contemporary fashion trends and to be found all over the world.

Campobello Campobello Campobello

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