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Construction Type Stitch and Turn - Strobel
Product Women
Segment High - Medium
Use Casual - Urban - Western-Cowboy
Type Boots - Sandals - High heel - Shoes - Sneakers - Confort - Leather sock lining - Cork Wedges/Cork aglomerate wedges - Leather welt - Zip - Oxford - Loafer - Mule

The woman who wears Casta is stylish and elegant but makes a point of remaining faithful to her essence.

Casta women lives in communion with every natural element.

When she opens the window of her office building downtown, she brings in the nature and she takes it with her to parties in rooftop clubs.

Her spirit goes beyond trends; it spreads its wings like magic and makes the world around her a purer, singular place.

Casta shoes are handcrafted to perfection. They may even bring a little colour to her face as she walks down the street, as she becomes aware of her potential as an attractive human being. It may be love. At first blush.

Casta shoes are handcrafted to perfection.

Casta Casta Casta

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