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Portuguese Shoes Campaign 2017

In 2017 actress Victoria Guerra returns to the Portuguese Shoes campaign to give life to six icons, who summarize the history of an industry

From Betty Page to Rihanna, the new campaign developed by APICCAPS (the Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association) goes through the universe of six iconic characters that cross aesthetic, cultural and historical cinema models, along with music and entertainment references.

"Its very good to be able to represent one of the biggest industries in Portugal. Thus, it is a great privilege and an increased responsibility", admits the actress.

Photographed by Frederico Martins, with creative direction of Fernando Bastos Pereira, the campaign gives life to global characters, while recognizing the evolution of a sector that has been very successful approaching the trends of each new season.

Communication in an industry that aims to be the sexiest in the world, means to continuously reinforce its impact and reputation, so this new campaign synthetizes the achievements and goals that have lead the Portuguese brands and professionals in the last decades.