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Portuguese Shoes Campaign 2020

Times change, wills change, people change, trust changes; Everything is composed of change, always taking on new qualities.

We are those who have crossed the deserts, the forests and the seas. We are the ones who think... discover and reconfigure the notion of the world.

We are the brave, we are whole and unique, together we embrace the sea, and with it we navigate all adventures. We are the ones raised from the ground who think that all change is the future and all the future is change.

In an incitement of Portugal’s foundation, such as the sea and its memories, the campaign “We are the FOOTure”, goes back to the roots while pointing to the future. Throughout 10 years, the Portuguese footwear has conquered several international markets and exports increased 47%, reaching a business volume of 1.900 million euros.

Over 4.000 new jobs were created, which represented an employment growth of around 11%. Currently, the sector exports 95% of its production to 163 countries worldwide.

The sector has also been inciting a new paradigm that reshapes the way we see the world. Although maintaining its roots and the know-how of generations, the Portuguese industry presents itself as a solution for the future.

In 2020, the Portuguese Shoes campaign also highlights sustainability as a fundamental goal for the sector’s future. The sexiest industry in Europe is celebrating 10 years of communication campaigns and has created a movement to integrate sustainability into the daily life of its key stakeholders. With João Jesus as leading figure, the campaign had the sea as main inspiration.


This Portuguese Shoes campaign, "We are the FOOTure”, emerges after the launching of the sector's Action Plan of the Footwear Cluster for Sustainability. The document is divided in three axes (Planet, People and Companies) and presents 12 measures, distributed by over 50 actions, with the goal of making "the Portuguese footwear industry a leader in the development of sustainable solutions”.


With a constantly changing global context, where the environmental agenda is a determinant factor for everyone’s survival, it is up to us to be on the leading edge when it comes to innovative solutions. New materials, cleaner technologies and an increasingly sustainable production are the foundation of this action plan that are already being implemented by the sector among its key stakeholders.


We are the story of what we want to become, we are the change and a desire for the future.