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Construction Type Injection
Product Men - Women - Unisex
Segment High - Medium
Use Casual - Sporty - Orthopedic - Classic - Militar - Outdoor - Medical
Type Cork aglomerate sole - Cork soles - Leather sock lining

Allying the natural properties of cork as comfort and lightness to an ecological solution, we work close with universities and technology centers to bring to life the best solutions for the feet.
Comfort cork molded light cork insoles, footbeds, heels, blocks and different thicknesses sheets are some of the products we have to offer you.

"We are committed to the building of sustainable competitive advantages upstream in the value chain, which result in efficient productive processes and downstream, through the satisfaction of the requirements of demanding clients differentiated markets."

3dcork 3dcork

At 3DCORK we develop, produce and commercialize cork products allying the ancestral knowledge of working with cork to modern design and technology. It all started in 2006 when father and daughter decided to join their best skills and experience in cork and in marketing to start a business together. From then until today it has been a long and fruitful journey always with the ambition of showing to the world what can be done with cork for home, decoration, footwear components, sports and industrial pieces. We love cork and that shows on our everyday work. From cork footwear components like cork footbeds, insoles and orthopedic components to homeware and decoration to sports and industrial components, we have a wide range of products to choose from or develop for you.

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