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Product Children
Segment High
Use Casual - Classic
Type Booties - Mocassins - Sneakers

Fenacci shoes are recognized in international markets for their comfort, design and functionality, combining style and fashion perfectly. The Spring Summer and Fall Winter collections include the production of various styles and designs, ranging from the most classic and traditional to the boldest and most casual.

A shoe is comfortable only if it is not wide or tight, and Fenacci shoes make a difference by adjusting to the shape and contours of the feet, providing all-day comfort thanks to technological innovation and the rigorous application of genuine materials.

Since 2008 we are dedicated to the manufacture of men's and women's footwear.

Counting at this early stage with a very small number of people.

Currently, with many more employees and a production capacity of 1000 pairs/day internally and using the subcontractors we reached a production of 1500 pairs/day. We have a structure that allows us to work small and large orders always with a high-quality requirement.

In a global and competitive market, Grupo Ladrical stands out for its vertical production system, which starts at Fenacci Laboratory. It is in this discrete but very efficient structure that we study new trends, create new products and apply new materials. Always striving to better fulfill our mission as a producer of world-class comfort shoes based on the latest technology raw materials and processes. The development of new materials, components, footwear and advanced functionalities requires the study and creation of methodologies and tools that allow to support and validate the proposed characteristics for the desired solutions. With the main objective of providing a global quality service, the manufacturing process involves the design and development of the product, in constant and systematic liaison with customers and suppliers, in order to create a collection that is in line with trends. each season, and in line with customers' real business expectations, not forgetting the increasingly important factor of value for money.

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