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Private Label

Product Men - Women
Segment Medium
Use Casual - Sporty - Urban
Type Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Ballet flats - Sneakers

Private Label is part of Máximo Internacional, one of the largest footwear business groups in Portugal.

Headquartered in Felgueiras, in the North of Portugal, it exports shoes annually to the world.

Although Máximo Internacional is responsible for the brand Nobrand, it also produces for other international brands, especially in the youth fashion segment.

Known for its young, modern and irreverent spirit, Maximo Internacional luickly revealed itself as one of the strongest companies in the business.

NOBRAND Is one of the greatest Portuguese ambassadors in Europe and in the rest of the world. NOBRAND is present in more than 30 foreign markets and its expansion grows everyday Over the past 29 years, NOBRAND has become one of the greatest players in the Portuguese shoe industry revolution. Born in 1988, the brand became famous for its cutting edge in contrast with the traditional portuguese shoemaking.

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