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26 Jul 2023

Newsás: a new pathway to a sustainable future
"Another path to a sustainable future”. This is the premise ofás, the footwear brand that just landed on the market and promises to take a revolutionary step towards the goal of sustainability. Committed to building a conscious and sustainable future,ás debuts under the motto "Another Way. Another Time. Another Place”, ushering a new era of ecological, unisex and timeless footwear that respects the environment, diversity and the local economy.

The footwear industry counts now on a brand committed to leaving a responsible footprint on the planet, in different areas. "ás is the answer to an environmentally conscious generation that values sustainability, the origin, and quality of materials and that is concerned about the planet’s future. By choosingás, consumers have the opportunity to be part of a positive change in the fashion industry, contributing to building a more sustainable future”, says the brand.ás set a clear goal from the start: to make a difference in terms of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. With a keen focus on promoting the preservation of the planet for future generations, the brand is committed to being a force for positive change in the fashion industry.

"Theás production process is characterized by the use of organic raw materials or from industrial waste. Favouring the reduction of chemical and synthetic products, using local and artisanal sources to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the products and contribute to the circular economy”, says the brand in a statement. Among the materials used, the highlight goes to the locally produced organic leather (without metals or harmful substances), cotton certified by the brand’s partners, the Better Cotton Initiative, Burel - Portuguese handmade fabric made of sheep's wool from Serra da Estrela -, fully recyclable natural rubber or recycled PU foam, reflecting a serious commitment to the ethical and sustainable use of natural resources.

On the other hand, not only satisfied with creating sustainable products,ás also seeks to minimise the environmental impact throughout the value chain. "From the production process to commercialisation, the brand adopts practices that aim to reduce the carbon footprint and promote the sustainability of ecosystems weakened by decades of environmentally less-conscious practices. With an eye on the future, but without forgetting ancestral ways of doing good, based on a team with decades of experience in the sector,ás is constantly looking for innovations and ecological solutions that combine these vital lines, in line with the expectation of consumers concerned about the environment”, explains the brand.

Last but not least,ás stands for diversity and inclusion, thereby offering unisex and timeless products whose life cycles extend beyond the traditional cycles of the fashion industry. "Without barriers or prejudices, we aim to respond to a global community that shares values of sustainability, quality, and comfort”.