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Adidas loses legal battle against Scalpers

26 Apr 2019

News Adidas loses legal battle against Scalpers
The Spanish company Scalpers won the first round of an ongoing legal battle with the German giant Adidas – which complaint about the Spanish company grossly copying its iconic Stan Smith sneakers. A sentence of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid has determined the marketed and distributed footwear from the Spanish company are not a copy of Adidas’ model.
According to the judge, there are already similar models in the market and the Stan Smith line from Adidas “does not have a competitive uniqueness” that allows any evidence of imitation from Scalpers.
Furthermore, in the statement, the court decided to create a list of footwear that, in its point of view, copies as much the line from Adidas as Scalpers: Puma, Nike and Zara were on the list. “There are dozens of similar models on the market”, concluded the Chamber.