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Exibhition Portuguese Shoes at ModaLisboa

News - 16 Oct 2019

News Exibhition Portuguese Shoes at ModaLisboa

The Skin We Live In

A monumental and ancient footwear industry carries its traditions. But it also has on its shoulders the weight of being a pioneer, of innovating, of improving. Responsibility shares its home with influence, the two are directly proportional. This has to be the only philosophy of those who create and materialize on a planet that increasingly needs respect.

ModaLisboa and APICCAPS presented last weekend an exhibition that wants to think about how leather, so traditionally handcrafted in Portugal, is walking towards sustainability. When treated well, leather shoes last a lifetime — just like the planet we inhabit. Technology has advanced so that working the leather is less polluting for the environment than the alternatives, and the national brands represented here make the effort every day to discover new chemical-free, toxicity-free treatments to protect the product while protecting the world. This is how we move forward: one step at a time.