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Fly London uses Artificial Intelligence

11 Sep 2023

News Fly London uses Artificial Intelligence
A campaign entirely produced using Artificial Intelligence. It is already possible, and Fly London is proof of that. The future is upon us and the Guimarães brand is again at the forefront. Capitalising on the launch of its autumn/winter 2023 collection, Fly London surprised us by using AI to generate the images for the new campaign.

The products are the only real thing in these images. It sounds like a like, but the truth is that the images were made using artificial intelligence, with the products added later on.

"A visual evolution in which the aim was also to connect Fly London to the streets and the urban style, thus generating a variety of people and landscapes”, says the brand. "Fly London has combined its creativity and personality with today’s revolution and technological evolution to offer the best experience: "Don’t walk, FLY”.”

As with the entry in the metaverse, this new collection, launched on the 14th of August, is again at the forefront due to the use of AI.
The full collection is available in Fly London stores and at