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Footwear Industry Immersive Experience

23 Jan 2020

News Footwear Industry Immersive Experience

In July 2020 “the Sexiest Industry in Europe” will host a groundbreaking course.

The Footwear Industry Immersive Experience  is a unique international learning experience that provides participants around the world with excelled skills on creation, developing and prototyping fashion footwear models, in close contact with the world’s leading footwear industry at the home of shoemaking heritage.

 Two different but complementary initiatives will be available:
- From the 28th June to the 3rd July, a week dedicated to factory visits. These visits will be oriented to companies with different manufacturing techniques and monitored by a mentor who will explain the advantages and inconvenient of each method used.

- From the 4th of July to the 26th July, a summer course will take place and during three weeks' time will be shared between factory visits, workshops, cultural and recreation activities in different locations in Portugal. During this period the program will be organized for participants to have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with their peers and footwear specialists, with the final objective of developing a shoe prototype.
The participants can expect an intense contact with state-of-the-art technology for the footwear sector, premium materials for their prototypes, the exchange of experiences with their peers and the best footwear technicians, unique competitive knowledge and skills on creation. In technical development and prototyping of footwear collections together with up-to-date knowledge on competitive variables of differentiation and a wide network at international level, while enjoying an inspiring atmosphere at the historic-cultural Portuguese landscape.