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ISI Soles presents a collection of colour-inclusive soles

- 29 Sep 2021

News ISI Soles presents a collection of colour-inclusive soles
It is estimated that 350 million individuals, the equivalent to 10% of the world’s male population and 0.5% of the female population, are colour blind. Concerned about this condition, ISI Soles has just launched a new graphic symbol intended to help people who are colour-blind to understand the colour of the shoes they buy.

In Milan, Felgueiras’ company introduced the new collection of soles, which aims at helping the colour-blind to better understand the colour of the shoes they buy. This new project is the result of a partnership with ColorADD, a Colour Identification System that seeks to ensure the full inclusion of a colour-blind audience whenever colour is a decisive communication factor.

Developed with basis on the three primary colours represented by graphic symbols, the ColorADD code is anchored on the concept of "addition of colours”, allowing the colour-blind person to easily relate symbols and identify the entire palette. Black and white appear to guide the light and dark tones. The code becomes a "mind game”, simple and easy to memorize and apply in everyday situations!

"Colour-blindness is a condition that affects millions of people around the world. It is hard to envision going into a store to buy shoes or clothing and not being able to distinguish colours. With the colour code ColorADD, colour-blinded people can discern the colours of the shoes they are buying”, declared Vítor Mendes, CEO of ISI Soles. "When we learned about the ColorADD project, we tried right away to understand and assess the possibility of integrating it to our soles. And that is how this collection of soles, inclusive by colour, came to be. We only manufacture soles. We gave the first step. It is now important that the rest of the footwear industry and the fashion brands also adopt this colour code in the remaining components of the shoe, thus making shoes more inclusive”.

The soles of the new ISI Soles collection contain a graphic symbol, developed by CoulorAdd, that represents the colour of the soles. Therefore, they became colour-inclusive soles.