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Overcube: from digital to physical

28 Nov 2019

News Overcube: from digital to physical

Overcube open the first physical store

From digital plataform to the physical world. Overcube just inaugurated its first physical store.
Opened to the public since November, the new store is at Avenida da Liberdade, 49, and aims to provide a hybrid experience that combines traditional retail with the technology and innovation from the online world. “Today, as in 1984, we followed our hearts. The first Overcube store represents the pattern of modernity and it’s a step in order to fill the gap between traditional retail and online sales”. These words are from Fortunato Frederico, Kyaia’s group President.
“This is a new chapter dedicated to innovation and technology. A projects that breaks the barriers of traditional trade”.
In the new store are available models from Kyaia’s group brands, such as Fly London, Softinos, ASPORTUGUESAS and Foreva. The clients can try the shoes on and then buy them online, through a kiosk at the store, along with the over 50 brands present in the platform.
Overcube was launched in March 2018 and was created with the goal of redefining the role of the footwear industry in the digital universe.