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Portuguese footwear exports grow by 25% in the first quarter

12 May 2022

News Portuguese footwear exports grow by 25% in the first quarter
Portugal exported, in the first quarter of the year, 21 million pairs of shoes, worth 493 million euros. As compared to the previous year, there was a growth of 25.2%.

Portuguese footwear is growing in practically all the most relevant markets. In Europe, growth reached 23.2%, with emphasis on the performances in Germany (up by 17% to 111 million euros), France (up by 24.2% to 106 million euros) and the Netherlands (up by 28, 7% to 75 million euros). Likewise, the good performance in the UK carries on: growth of 29.5% to 28 million euros.

The highlight goes, however, to the increase of Portuguese footwear exports in extra-community markets. In the US, in particular, it recorded a growth of 64.8% to 22 million euros. In addition, Portuguese footwear is registering an excellent performance in Canada (by 62% more to 5 million euros), China (by 96% more to 3.8 million euros) and Japan (by 37.4% more to 2.5 million euros).

"Despite all the external constraints, the indicators suggest that 2022 will be a year of affirmation for Portuguese footwear in international markets”, considers Luís Onofre. "Exports grew not only when compared to the previous year, but also surpassed those of 2019, the year immediately before the pandemic”.

For the President of APICCAPS, "Portuguese footwear is returning to the markets after two pandemic years, with expressive growth in extra-community markets, which allows furthering the sector's strategy of deepening its presence in markets with high growth potential”.

In the first quarter of the year, Portugal exported more than 95% of its footwear production to 170 countries across five continents.