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Portuguese footwear industry creates 272 new brands

25 Jun 2021

News Portuguese footwear industry creates 272 new brands
The investment in own brands is a major focus for the Portuguese footwear industry. According to data from the Industrial Property Support Office (GAPI) of the Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre, 272 new footwear brands have been created in Portugal since 2010
Of the 272 brands created in the last eleven years, the majority (203) were registered in the European Union.

A Strategic Decision
Commitment to own brands is a priority defined in Strategic Plan of the Portuguese Footwear Cluster (FOOTure 2020): "Despite the image gain achieved by Portuguese footwear, the reality of the Cluster is still very varied. It is important to mobilize the skills that have been used to build the collective image in favour of companies. Companies should be assisted in developing personalized image campaigns and communication plans, hiring communication agencies, participating in showrooms abroad, etc. They should also be helped to improve their internal image, which is crucial in the relationship with buyers who visit them. In some cases, the creation of own brands will be the culmination of these actions”, can be read in the document.

Growing Support to Brands
APICCAPS, the Portuguese Footwear Association, has developed, over the last few years, an intense activity in supporting the internationalization of Portuguese footwear companies, in particular in regard to the participation in international fairs and exhibitions and, more recently, the campaign to promote the "Portuguese Shoes” image.

Since the beginning of 2015, companies have benefited, through APICCAPS, from support for the promotion of their own brands, which recently also includes digital marketing campaigns.

This year alone, three million euros will be invested by the Portuguese Footwear sector in the promotion of own brands.