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Portuguese footwear: the right choice

News - 28 Jan 2021

News Portuguese footwear: the right choice

Haven’t you bought “made in Portugal” footwear, yet? We’ll tell you why you should do it.

Portuguese shoes have already conquered its place in the global market. Design, quality, innovation and differentiation have consolidated the label "made in Portugal”. Could you live without a pair of Portuguese shoes? You could, but it wouldn’t be the same.

If there’s one thing the Portuguese can do well, it’s shoes! And if we combine the know-how, the history and tradition to the fact that Forbes magazine has considered Portugal among the 20 most safest countries in the world, with a great "talent reservoir”, then we have all the ingredients that make our country one of the best places to produce and sell shoes.
Every year, over 80 million "made in Portugal” pairs of shoes are exported to 163 throughout the five continents. The sector has conquered the global market, establishing itself as the "sexiest industry in Europe” with its design, quality, innovation and, above all, know-how due to the history of the Portuguese crafts talent, the quality of the raw materials and advanced techniques. Currently, the Portuguese footwear industry is very likely the most modern in the production of high-end fashion articles.
If you don’t have a pair of Portuguese shoes yet, you have no idea what you’re missing out. By having one, you’d also be more eco-friendly, since there are already several sustainable offers in the market, from innovative materials to traditional ones, such as leather with the guarantee of sustainable origins. The Action Plan of the Footwear Cluster for Sustainability aims to make the Portuguese footwear industry the leader in terms of developing sustainable solutions, therefore, the last APICCAPS’ campaign, We are the FOOTure, is a tribute to the Portuguese roots and the sector’s ability to innovate itself, this time by embracing challenges related to environmental issues. Planet, People and Companies, are the three main axes of the action plan, which envision the implementation of 12 measures and 50 initiatives for the companies to adopt and make their standard production processes more sustainable.

Just in time
It’s becoming difficult to find excuses to not buy Portuguese footwear. Even more when big multinationals come after the "Made in Portugal” with their orders, that then go to the global market. To earn even more the loyalty from its clients, the Portuguese industry distinguishes itself for the "just in time” response capability. Through the invest in technology, productivity and competitiveness, it was able to improve the flexibility and quick response capability, establishing a new flow paradigm of small orders, quickly dispatched to the small distribution and retail. The Portuguese footwear industry responds quickly and effectively.
The cluster of international dimensions, main located in the Northern Portugal, also contributed to that. In cities such as Vila Nova de Gaia, Guimarães, Felgueiras, Oliveira de Azeméis, Santa Maria da Feira and São João da Madeira are based over 1800 footwear companies, as well as tannery, components and advanced technology. Overall, the national footwear cluster benefits from the country’s privileged geographic location, with excellent communication channels and quick access to the Center of Europe, ports and airports, which able an easy reach to the five continents.
And, if you want to combine business and pleasure, making business in Portugal will allow you to enjoy a country known by its sunny weather, beaches, mountains, castles and monasteries. As well as olive oil and wine recognized throughout the world, irresistible regional sweets and high-quality fish and meat dishes. If buying Portuguese shoes is the best choice, then using them to explore the world’s wonders will be, most definitely, unforgettable.
The "sexiest industry in Europe”, the "made in Portugal”, is indeed a quality symbol full of personality and style, making Portugal a rich source of brands that conquer the loyalty and passion of its clients.

Could you live without a pair of Portuguese shoes? You could, but it wouldn’t be the same.