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Sanjo: reinventing the past

05 Feb 2020

News Sanjo:  reinventing  the past

They were the most iconic sneakers from the last century and they're back!

They were the most iconic sneakers from the last century. Generations of families wore them, from fathers to sons, from sportsmen to military. Sanjo are now back after an absence of almost 30 years. The brand disappeared in the 90's and made its way back to Portugal this 2020 with the so famous canvas and rubber sneakers.

"The main goal of Sanjo is to become, once again, the sneakers of reference for the Portuguese. Everyone has a story to tell about their Sanjo”, stated José Egipto Magalhães to the newspaper Dinheiro Vivo. The company M2Bewear, from Braga, will be the responsible for its production.

With the motto "New Old Brand”, the brand wants to regain the "old” customers and reach the younger audience. Social media will be a main investment but design will also be improved. Although the iconic models will be maintained, Sanjo aims to introduce new models, for instances, in leather. It is also predicted the production of two sustainable models with the use of organic cotton, canvas and lining from recycled materials.

In this relaunching, it’s important to "value the history, bring it to the present and give it a future. We’re restarting, we want to take small and safe steps. But at the same time, this is only the beginning”, said the entrepreneur.

On sale since September, Sanjo has already reached several countries throughout the world, among them are Australia, South Africa, the USA and Norwegian.
The label "made in Portugal” is one of the most praised aspects. "If the production was in China [which the brand did in 2010 but without success], we would able to pay a third of the price but, the truth is, clients value national production a lot and we found a factory in Felgueiras that has been an amazing partner in the collection’s development and, practically, making the molds from scratch”.
The iconic sneakers are for sale in the brand’s website