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Product Women
Segment High
Use Casual - Sporty - Urban
Type Booties - Boots - Sandals

BEMOOD is a brand that achieves to create the very best by hand, using only the finest leather and materials. The 1st collection of BEMOOD, Fall-Winter 2019/20, represents as the brand itself, the constant evolution of the market’s demands and fashion trends, blending styles as a result of: Tradition, Mastery, Excellence and Discipline.

BEMOOD creates high-quality leather Women’s Shoes that are unique because they are made to last. With highly skilled artisans crafting each shoe by hand and they are built with legacy, quality and endurance.

Be-Mood Be-Mood Be-Mood

Skilled artisanship, specialized in making handmade shoes, reinvent the link between traditional craft and contemporary design with the finest leathers and materials. From pattern cutting to assembly and everything in-between, it is a point of pride that the same artisans start and finish each shoe.

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