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Flex & Go

Construction Type Stitch and Turn - Strobel - Cemented
Product Women
Segment High - Medium
Use Sporty - Urban - Classic
Type Booties - Mocassins - Sandals - California - Shoes

It´s a Portuguese shoe brand with the aim to promote the maximum comfort of your followers. Only this matter when you wear a pair of shoes otherwise it´s the shoes that are using you.

The idea of the brand it´s very simple: Just Comfort. The shoes give answer to this need.

Flex & Go Flex & Go

When we are comfortable we are happy. The brand created in 2003, by the family company Cindicalfe (1998), has a team of specialized professionals, who are always in tune with the new market trends and the most innovative techniques.
Flex&Go combines technology to tradition, thus creating footwear that is perfectly in step with comfort and design. Also develops, sells and offers support to a series of footwear lines, like shoes, sandals and Booties.

The company have is own environmental management system, ISO 14001.Be FLEXible with yourself AND make GOod decisions. #shoes #comfortshoes #brand #comfort #justcomfort #flexandgo

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