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My Cute Pooch

Type Molded Rubber Soles - Molded Solder TR

The brand was born from the history of Bolflex, a prestigious and leadingncompany in the world of fashion and footwear, since 1991.

My Cute Pooch is a Portuguese brand of women's handbags and accessories that presents customizable, bold and fun proposals designed to adapt to the different lifestyles and celebrate female individuality.

My Cute Pooch My Cute Pooch My Cute Pooch

We are all about celebrating diversity and uniqueness, encouraging you to look good, but always being yourself and respecting others for who they are.

With 28 years of experience, Bolflex is a leader in the rubber market, pioneer in investment of top equipment range and creator of several own brands of products and raw materials. One of these products is B-light, a lightweight, flexible, waterproof and customizable material.

In order to expand the company’s range of products, adding value and benefiting from the many innovative features of B-light, My Cute Pooch - a practical, versatile and fun - women's bags brand was designed. Conceived and developed as part of a commitment to sustainability, My Cute Pooch is developed in compliance with Reach standards – a regulatory system for chemical substances – as well as the use of 100% recyclable materials and the guarantee that our products do not contain ingredients of animal origin. This procedure even earned the brand the certification of PETA as an approved vegan brand.
Even though the brand is still taking its first steps on the market, My Cute Pooch will work continuously to fulfill its mission “to give a central role to the individuality and versatility of women, adapting to different personalities, different moments and creating an alternative to the monotony of everyday life, according to Mara Ferreira, creator of the brand.

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