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Profession Bottier

Product Men
Use Urban
Type Booties - Boots - Mocassins - Home Shoes

A Portuguese brand born within a footwear group with more than 60 years of experience manufacturing high quality footwear. By the end of the forties, brothers Manuel and António Ferreira Avelar opened a small company dedicated to manufacturing loafers.

Each shoe reflects the nobility of the hands that made it, down to the last detail.

Profession Bottier Profession Bottier

Their love for the art of producing shoes and the know how they have accumulated over the years allowed the development of the company Ferreira Avelar & Filho. In 1987 Jacques Mirault, a French stylist, recognized the quality and excellence of the manufacturing process and resulting products and helped the company in its approach to the French market. In a few years the company started to sell products to several international clients located in numerous markets. In 1994, with the third generation of the family already active in the business, own brand Profession Bottier was born. A men's brand dedicated to the medium-high end segment and based on quality and perfection.

With more than 100 employees working in their facilities in São João da Madeira, one of the most important geographic area for footwear production in Portugal, the group currently exports to nearly 25 markets. While Europe is seen as the group's domestic's market, there is a will to continue a development strategy to reach new markets.

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