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Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability

27 Aug 2020

News Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability

79% of consumers change to buy sustainable products

For many, it’s just a trend. For others, is the topic of the future. For 79% of consumers, it’s a preference when buying. A study from Capgemini has found that consumers change their purchasing preferences by taking into account the sustainable characteri

The study Consumer Products and Retail: how sustainability is fundamentally changing consumer preferences concluded that there is a direct relation between sustainability and consumer goods companies’ business, as 79% of consumers change for a sustainable product. In the study, several purchasing patterns are contemplated, such as brands’ social responsibility, inclusion, and environmental impact.

The study also concluded the pandemic was decisive in the change of consumption patterns, as 76% of consumers state being "more aware of the scarcity of natural resources because of the pandemic”. Also, 53% of consumers in general and 57% of consumers between 18 and 24 years old have changed their usual purchases to less known brands because they’re more sustainable, and 64% already did that before the pandemic.