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Tentoes, the new brand ‘made in Nature’

- 30 Oct 2020

News Tentoes, the new brand ‘made in Nature’
It was born at the heart of Carité, the footwear group from Felgueiras that owns the brand J. Reinaldo. However, this is a special investment with strong environmental concerns.

With the slogan ‘Made in Nature’, Carité relaunched the brand Tentoes. "This new product was designed based on a great environmental concern. The idea was to create a footwear line only with materials that come from nature. For the vamp, for instances, we use organic cotton, natural rubber on the soles and leather. On the insoles, we used natural fibers that absorb perspiration”, says Pedro Ramos.

The brand’s Commercial Director also highlights that, "regarding the leather, we use one with a biodegradability four times higher than usual”, which makes shoes biodegradable if in contact with soil. However, it is important that "consumers understand that biodegradable shoes don’t self-destruct, only when it is put on the soil to be together, once again, with the planet”.

The brand presented the collection at the last edition of MICAM, in Milan. With strong colors and a modern design, Pedro Ramos believes this product responds to consumers’ demands, because "we used raw materials to make the shoes even more eco-friendlier”.

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