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JJ Heitor

Product Women
Use Young Fashion
Type Boots - Sandals - High heel - Shoes - Loafer

JJHeitorShoes, a women's footwear brand, was launched in 2013, being produced in a Portuguese company, Joaquim José Heitor, Sa, based in Santa Maria da Feira, with a strong know-how in the production of this type of footwear and with around 55 years of existence.

It was time to synthesize a strong experience in the design and production of high quality footwear with a strong sensitivity to understand the female taste.

JJ Heitor JJ Heitor JJ Heitor

JJHeitorShoes is aimed at modern and active women, confident in themselves, who find fashion, a form of expression, absorbing diverse cultures, without giving up sophistication and elegance.

In all of its collections, JJHeitor has a focus on style, but comfort is king. High heels, medium heels, sandals or wedges that adapt perfectly to any occasion and at any time of the day, mix of materials, always of the best quality, textures and great diversity of colors, are a characteristic of this brand, which does not fail us surprise.

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