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Product Men - Women
Segment High
Type Costumized - Sneakers

DiVERGE delivers original, handmade and customizable sneakers.

At DiVERGE, we believe that currently we are not able to put ourselves and our story into our sneakers and that needs to change. That is why our mission is to help you better express your individuality and uniqueness by allowing you to actively participate in the creative process.


DiVERGE was founded by a group of friends that, maybe just like you, got frustrated at how difficult it is to find sneakers that makes us feel special and perfectly match our style. Either starting from a white canvas or from one of the brandÂ’s carefully-curated inspirations, you can co-create quality sneakers to match your own preferences and personality. Our premium sneakers are made to order using only high quality materials.

As a brand, we are so committed to focus on your preferences that even our symbol (the i in DiVERGE) can be filled by you with something personal in the customization process, making each pair of sneakers truly unique.

We believe you should be able to make your own way in life. Even if sometimes the destination is unclear, the journey will always be rewarding and fulfilling.

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